Time Capsule Personal Record



Scout Name: _________________________________            Date:______________________


·                 Where are you now?

·                 What is the date? What is the weather like?

·                 What’s the last movie that you saw? What was the last movie that you loved?

·                 What are you listening to on your iPod/Phone etc?

·                 Who/What are you in love with?

·                 Who is your best friend?

·                 What do you wish you could own right now?

·                 What do you want your next vacation to be?

·                 What are you most worried about?

·                 What is one amazing thing you expect to do in the coming year?

·                 What is your favourite recent memory?

·                 What were the top 3 accomplishments from the last year?

·                 What made you laugh the hardest most recently?

·                 What are you best at?  What do you think are your greatest assets and skills?

·                 What are your life goals at the moment?   Did you make any progress on them?

·                 What are your wishes for the upcoming year?

·                 What do you think you will be doing this time next year?  In 5 and 10 years from now?

·                 What do you think will change about you over the next year?  How do you want to grow?

·                 Where will you be living next year?  In 5 and 10 years from now?

·                 What is one piece of advice would you give your future self?

·                 What is your purpose in life?

·                 What is your current height?

·                 What size shoe are you?

·                 What is your favourite colour?

·                 Do you have a pet and what is its name?

·                 What patrol are you in and what are the other members called?