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Drighlington Cubs go Underground

Did you know that there are only a few places on earth where you can experience total darkness? One is at the bottom of the Ocean, another is inside a fridge! But the one that nine of our Cubs experienced was deep under the Yorkshire Moors.


After an early 8.00am start we left the village with the sun shining and a sense of excitement in our hearts, along with a few nerves. But the sunshine didn't last long - by the time we stopped for a short comfort break in Settle the rain was coming down quite heavily and the mist had dropped.


Our meeting point was at the base of Ribblehead Viaduct, the iconic location in the heart of the Yorkshire Moors with Whernside towering above. We were introduced to our caving instructors and as soon as we changed in to our caving suits, helmets with head torches and wellington boots we were off to the entrance of the cave.


We knew that we were in for an adventure when we came to the entrance to the cave. This small hole in the ground was like something from "Alice in Wonderland" when she falls down the rabbit hole! One by one the Cubs got on to their hands and knees and crawled down deeper and deeper. We continued until eventually the cave opened up and started to level out. At this point we could stand up, but we were up to our waists in water!  Now we knew why we had to bring a full change of clothes including underwear.


With our head torches illuminating the way, we contunued our exploration of an underground world of stalactites and stalagmites. Eventually we exited an hour later from another hole some distance from our starting point, but before we had time to get used to the daylight we were down underground again explorting yet another system of tunnels and caverns. 


Eventually our time underground cam to an end. Although we were cold, wet and muddy it had been a great experience and a true challenge for everyone.


The cubs were asked "Same time next year?" and without hesitation, a resounding "YES" could be heard ringing across the hillside, although some of the parents were not so sure.

On your marks get set SPLASH!!


After some last minute re-organising the Drighlington Cub & Scout temas were ready to take to the water for this year's District Swimming Gala. Reputations were on the line following the Scouts' successful win in last year's competition, but this year it was going to be a lot harder with 18 Cub teams and 13 Scout teams taking part.


Teams of up to five can compete, with individual races including the breaststroke, freestyle, backstroke and the relay race, before everyone takes to the water for the team rescue race.


As the fist swimmers took their places at the poolside you could almost hear a pin drop, and then the race starter called them to their marks. The silence was short lived, the whistle was blown and the other team members shouted their encouragement, filling the John Charles Aquatic Centre with roars of "GO DRIG, GO DRIG"


Each event was closely fought, with the races being alternated between the Cub and Scout sections. Each group had their moment of glory, with points being awarded all the way to 6th place, making it difficult to keep track of who was winning overall. We knew we had a chance of winning the team trophy, but it was nail biting stuff all the way down to the finial race.


The Cubs and Scouts had done their best and all we could do now was to wait. Finally the points were added up and checked before the winners were announced. The Cub section scores came first, but despite their gallant efforts the Drighlington Cub Team was just pipped to the post by East Ardsley. Better luck hopefully next year!


But how had the Scout Team got on? Again the teams were announced in reversed order until it came down to the final two teams, Drighlington and Churwell. We could see that it had been close in each race, either Drighlington or Churwell had touched the wall first, but who had accumulated the most points? Finally over the PA system and echoing around the centre came the words, "And in second place...." the pause was longer than the announcements you get from The X Factor or Strictly results, but eventually "Drighlington" was heard. We were runners up, the same as the Cubs, but hold on! Second with the Cubs and Scouts, could this mean Drighlington had won the overall competition? YES, and before the words had left the District Commissioner's mouth the teams were on their way to collect the trophy and their certificates.


In addition to the competition part of the gala, our young Beavers (aged 6-8years) enjoyed some time splashing around and playing various games in the water, under close supervision from the leaders. Hopefully these little tadpoles will be our champions in a few more years.


Well done to all those who took part, and many thanks to the leaders, parents and children.



If you have ever struggled pitching your tent, held a dinner party that didn't go to plan or wondered how you would react to a first aid situation? You should speak with the members of Drighlington's successful camping competition team for advice.


For over 60 years South Leeds and Morley have been holding their annual camping competition event, where groups from across the district compete in a number of challenges.


After several weeks of intensive training the team, which comprised 5 scouts aged between 12 and 14, were ready for action when they arrived at the campsite in Barnsley. They were to be scrutinised, along with 8 other competing teams from across the district, in all aspects of scout camping.


Marks were to be awarded on how well they pitched their tents, the location of their fire, wood store, dinning area and chopping location as well as leadership skills and team morale. In addition they had to cook all their meals on an open fire to a set time at which point they are judged for hygiene, punctuality and of course taste. No burnt sausages here!


Throughout the weekend they were under the watchful eye of the judge, with additional points on offer for building a camp gate and making useful gadgets out of poles and ropes.


In the evening they were tested on their First Aid knowledge. For 2 hours they had to deal with a number of scenarios, from performing CPR to dealing with broken bones and bleeding. After this and during the traditional camp fire each team entertained the rest of the camp by performing a camp fire song or comedy sketch.


Sunday afternoon arrived and all the points were added up before the winners were announced by the judge. Four trophies were up for grabs during the weekend, so can you imagine the sense of pride and achievement from all those concerned when the judge announced that Drighlington had not only won the Cooking and the First Aid competition but were also the overall winners of the weekend!

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