10th Morley (Drighlington) Scout Group
10th Morley (Drighlington) Scout Group

Were you a member of Drighlington Scout Group

Let us know if your were a member of Drighlington Scouts, either as a youth or adult, we would like to build a scouting family tree of who attended, when, and what your recollection of Drig Scouts was


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Leaders through the years

Help us fill in the gaps


1992 - 2007

Vicky Clarkson

2007 - 2017

Adele Blackburn


Helen Partlow

2019 - Present

Martin Brickwood




Circa 1950 - 1962

Mrs Pinchon

1962 - 1989

Christine Day

1989 - ?

Helen Rushforth

2009 - present

George Hughes

2010 - 2013

Graham Eades

2013 - Present

Richard Wood





Circa 1950 - ?

George Pinchon

1974 - 1980 

Peter Blackburn

Derek Smith

1981 - 1985 

Stephen Fisher

? - 2007

Clare Thomas

2007 - present

Paul Blackburn

? - 2012

Richard Cook

? - Present

Beverley Cook

2013 - Present

Andrew Hutchison

2016 - Present

Darren Eaton


Dougie Barton




David Slack

1978 - ?

Venture Leader

John Varley

Circa 1978 - ?

Group Scout Leader

Lional Adams

1981 - 1986

Group Scout Leader

Michael Garner

1986 - Present

Group Member

Beryl Horsfall

2009 - 2013

Group Scout Leader

Nicky Eades



Brief History of Drig Scouts

The group have used various locations around the village to meet before the hut was built. The rooms above the stables of the vicarage, old cycle HQ on Bradford Road, Mechanics Institute on Wakefield Road, The Liberal Club on King Street, Paint Shop at the bottome of Whitehall Grove, The School and the Barracuda being the last place before our current HQ.


David Slack the chairman of the Group thought it would be a good idea if the village had a Scout and Guide hut, so he asked the villagers if they would buy a brick each for a pound. The new headquarters was built by leaders, local businesses, friends and relatives, and a Mrs Forbes actually gave the piece of land that the hut currently occupies. The Hut was opened by David Slack in 1978.


The original scout neckerchief for Drighlington Scouts and Cubs was all one colour of green, but it was changed to gold with a black edge for a new start in the new HQ, and is the colour of the neckerchief now.


Thanks to Christine Day and the Parish Council

Group News

Remberance  Day Parade

District Parade

Meet at Yorkshire Bank in Morley

 at 10.15 

Parade starts at 10.30

Parade to the Cenotaph,

finish approx 12 noon.

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